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Add Image While Adding a Recipe

You can now upload an image when you’re entering a recipe! In hindsight, seems like a pretty big user-experience goof to make you
enter a recipe, then go back and go through a separate process to add
your delicious, delicious photos. No longer!

You can still add photos and videos after the fact, of course. Thanks to John for suggesting the change! Email us at team@weeatt.com
if you have suggestions.

- jesse

We Eatt is Blacked Out

We Eatt is offline today, January 18, 2012, because the US Senate is considering legislation that would certainly kill us forever. The legislation is called the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) and like SOPA, is the worst.thing.ever. Well, the worst legislation concering the internet ever, for sure. Basically, it would shut this site down — we would be legally responsible for policing the content that users upload. For We Eatt, that means SOMEHOW guaranteeing that the recipes users upload do not infringe anyone else’s recipes anywhere in the world. We Eatt would shut down.

We don’t want that. If you don’t want it either, visit AmericanCensorship.org for instructions on contacting your Senator. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has more information on this and other issues central to your freedom online. Thanks,

Jesse @ We Eatt

Updated SPAM Tools

Hi We Eatters! If you subscribe to our RSS Feeds for new recipes (or are friends with
us on Facebook), you might have noticed a SPAM problem lately. Well..
have no fears! Our magic coding ninjas (me) just rolled out an update
to help us against the SPAM onslaught!

If you experience where our SPAM filters prevent you from adding a
recipe, please email us! (spam@weeatt.com) and we’ll get it taking
care of. Thanks!

WeEatt 3.0 Live

Hey Ya’ll!!! Big upgrade on We Eat is now live, with some changes, some upgrades, and a big fat API.
I’ll post more info on what’s changed — generally it’s the same site you know, without some of the annoyances that have been grating on me (like when you searched for recipes, it would include recipes you couldn’t see). I’ll post details on that tomorrow.

If you do find I botched anything on the upgrade, best place is to let me know is on www.weeatt.com/support
- jesse @ weeatt

July 4th Recipes

For those of us in the US, the 4th of July means outdoor cooking and a celebration with friends. You might need some recipes to go with that! If you’re looking for:

Have a safe and happy holida!

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

It’s been a tough year for most people we know. But through all the hard times, it’s easy for me personally to think of things to be thankful for, and I hope you can do the same. I’m thankful for our health, our toddler, and for this site’s community. You guys rock!

To all the We Eatters out there — Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving and Holiday Recipes

The most popular recipes on We Eatt time of year are usually Thanksgiving recipes. Last year we ran down Thanksgiving Recipes on We Eatt.To find more, you can search for Thanksgiving, view all tags with thanksgiving, or explore the sides.

Thanks for using We Eatt.

Server Status — All Good!

We’re all good on the server side of things here. If you want more
technical information, read on:  When we moved to a new set of servers, we wanted to reduce the amount
of memory available on each server. Rather than have 1 server with a
gig of memory, we moved to a set of servers with 256mb each. Trouble
was, that wasn’t enough.

 We needed more than 256 and try as we might —- couldn’t make it fit.
So the memory got taken up, moved to “swap” and then that got taken
up. No good came of this and the site slowed from a crawl to a stop.
We increased the memory on the application/web server to 512 and all
has been good for a while.  Probably too much information, but there you go! Back to stable and
ready for the long haul.

Trouble with Servers

We’ve had a bit of trouble tonight with our new server setup.
Unfortunately, some requests seem to be taking forever, and its just
slowing down the site completely.  We’ve provisioned some more horsepower (memory and servers), but
they’ll take some time to come online.

 Right now it’s 11:15 PM on Tuesday, September 15th. We’ve been having
trouble for about 45 minutes, and it may take another hour to two to
settle down. I don’t like problems like this and we’re sorry.

Server Migration

We Eatt is moving to a new set of servers — we’ve been testing this
out over the last two weeks and are prepared.  This should happen in the next few hours — you’ll be shown a
migration page and can view both this blog and our
http://status.weeatt.com, which will contain the minute by minute

 We’ll only be moving the database during the migration, so it
shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 minutes to backup, restore, and then
run our checks to make sure we didn’t make a Monday mistake.